April 11, 2004

CSRに関しての書籍「What Matters Most」


CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)に関して、最近出たばかりの以下の本、
Social Venture Network, BSR(Business for Social Responsibility)

「What Matters Most: How a Small Group of Pioneers Is Teaching Social
Responsibility to Big Business, and Why Big Business Is Listening 」
■ちなみに最近日本でも流行のブッククラブ、FastCompanyでのBook Clubで

FastCompanyでのBook Clubではディスカッショントピックとして以下のようなことが挙
【1.】 In what cases does an inflexible adherence to core values conflict with
short-term and even long-term financial goals and strategic commitments?
【2.】 Does it ever make sense to compromise on core values - or even to sell out?
【3.】 Does being a responsible business cost more money and adversely affect
shareholder value?
【4.】 Where do disclosure and transparency conflict with competition, liability,
and confidentiality?

「Curse of the ethical executive」 (Nov 15th 2001 )
Why “corporate social responsibility” is not a welcome fashion


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